why fuse holder may power protect on fuse cutout ?

why fuse holder may power protect on fuse cutout ?
A Fuse holder is manufactured with fiberglass epoxy tube lined with vulcanized fiber ;
B in order to perform correct interruptions of high intensity short circuits;

C A very efficient flipper locks the fuse holder in the closed positions and reduces transmission of forces to fuse link and it also gives quick extraction of link cable making the fuse cutout effective in interruptions of low currents.

fuse cutout consists of three major components: The fuse cutout body, an open frame that supports the fuse holder and a ribbed porcelain or polymer insulator that electrically isolates the conductive portions of the assembly from the support to which the insulator is fastened.

Now Wellele &Tianze custom  6KV TO   35KV  fuseholder  for ABB EATON COOPER  HUBBELL etcs  .

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