which tools of melamine tube sizes on stock now?

Now we have melamine tube  ID tools on stock .
as  ID as 4.5mm, 5.0,6.2,6.3,6.5,6.6,22,25,25.1,26,27,28,14,8,11,15,16,20,21,30,32,38,42,44,67,68,73mm

so If its fit to your needs or close your   G5 G9 melamine tube  drawing size 。

We also according to your drawing to custom new tools .The cost of the tooling will be returned to you in goods of equal value, when a certain amount is reached

It is possible to reduce the investment in custom tooling, thus greatly reducing costs and getting the desired finished product quickly.

Our melamine tubes can be customized with a variety of openings, threads, chamfers, tapers, multi-hole processing, etc. The precision machining of the digital automatic lathe ensures that the tube you need fits better with the rest of your parts.

melamine tubes tool on stock

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