What advantages and cost comparison in Synthetic composite pipe vs. Vulcanized fiber epoxy filament wound tube ?

We make the fuse housing need to interrupt the arc performance materials usually have vulcanized fiber composite tube, polymer tube, melamine tube, G7 high temperature tube. However, the housing used for outdoor high voltage fuse is usually vulcanized fiber composite tube, polymer tube. The reuse of high voltage fuse housing, and the cost of repairing outdoor fuse overhead is one of the aspects that fuse designers must consider.

Tianze’s Synthetic Arc Quenching liner Moisture-proof arc quenching fuse tube

is a composite of imported special resin and aerospace fiber, patented in China. It has the characteristics of arc extinguishing, fireproof, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and water-proof. The strong toughness of the fiber, when the momentary voltage is too high, the gas generated in 3ms quickly extinguish the arc, will not cause damage to the inner wall of the tube. Our test results show that the fuse made of polymer tube can be used 5 to 8 times under the limit voltage, and the fuse tube is considered to fail only under the industry’s specified data and needs to be replaced with a new fuse tube body.

vulcanized fiber composite tube, is an ancient process, the cost is lower compared to polymer, raw materials are easily available. vulcanized fiber  unique arc extinguishing function, the fuse instant spark let vulcanized fiberproduce gas. Because the material of vulcanized fiber  comes from cotton pulp, it instantly after a variety of chemical processes to make, its cotton characteristics still exist.
The cost of vulcanized fiber  composite pipe is low, but there is a lack of moisture, corrosion and fire prevention. The fuse of vulcanized fiber composite tube can be used 2-3 times after extreme testing, and then it needs to be replaced by a new fuse.

If your use of the environment is not particularly harsh, you can use the lower cost as a fuse tube.
However, if you consider the costs associated with replacement at high altitude, it is recommended to use a fuse with a polymer body.

If the fuse needs to be used in special harsh environments such as alpine, tropical, marine, rainforest, chemical, etc., it is highly recommended to use polymer body fuses.

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