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Bone fiber tube / Syntheti fiber Arc Quenching Fuse Tube/ Epoxy fiberglass tube/GPO3 tube/G5 G9 tube etcs .Its use on low/medium voltage/high voltageand high temperature fuse link fuse cutout switchgear or insulation environments .Environmental control and 100% Custom Fabrication.Fast Delivery from Tianze Electric Co,.ltd.. 24 hours on line +86 15950042209

Clients can avail from us Vulcanized Fiber Tube which is manufactured by winding zinc chloride treated paper on making mandrel to the predetermined wall thickness. They are then going through puring, drying, rolling, grinding, and sanding processes to get desired inside and outside diameters.

Vulcanized fiber tube has a density around 1.40 g/cm³. It has good physical properties, mechanical properties, dielectric strength, arc resistance, and arc-quenching characteristics. Because of its excellent machinability, vulcanized fiber tube can be sanded, knurled, spirally cut, threaded, lathed, and easily fabricated to various products. The major applications of vulcanized fiber tubes are fuse cartridges, high voltage cutout fuse liners, lightning arresters, grommets, insulators, and bushings.

vulcanized Fiber is a very hard, dense homogeneous material up to .093" thick, possessing a wide range of favorable properties. In its initial stage, Franklin Fibre is processed very much like a high-grade rag insulating paper, but without the addition of sizing. It is then treated with zinc chloride, which changes the structure and converts the cotton fibers into a gelatinous material. After all chemicals are leached out by progressively soaking in tanks, the fibre is placed in heated rooms until thoroughly dry. It is then steamed and flattened under heat by hydraulic presses or rolled under pressure. After this, it is run through heated rolls to bring out surface finish. Layers of fibre can be stacked and bonded under pressure providing a thicker "built-up" sheet.

Vulcanized Fiber tubing is moisture conditioned and then rolled under pressure to finish inside diameter and oversized outside diameter. The outside diameter is then finished, ground to size and buffer. The outside diameter can also be knurled of skived for use in filament wound finishing for fuse tube applications.


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