UL standard solar photovoltaic fuse & melamine tubing

UL standard solar photovoltaic fuse
With the increasing market demand for high-power solar arrays and the promotion and development of grid-connected power generation application technology for photovoltaic systems and wind power, the use of high-voltage DC fuses to protect the safe grid-connected operation of photovoltaic cell systems has become an important technical measure that is internationally accepted.
As the lower the temperature the greater the open-circuit voltage of the PV solar fuse panel, taking into account the characteristics, the large voltage of the PV array, PV sub-array, PV string and PV panel, should be amended according to the expected low temperature at the installation site according to the instructions of the PV panel manufacturer, for the  PV solar fuse  panel manufacturer does not provide the correction method, should be amended in accordance with the standard requirements to determine the large voltage of the PV array.

UL standard solar photovoltaic fuse is the solar photovoltaic fuse that has been certified by UL safety test institute.
The need for overcurrent protection
Short circuits in PV arrays occurring in PV solar fuse panels, PV connection boxes or PV panel wiring sections, and those occurring in PV array wiring ground faults, can produce overcurrents. The fault current in the PV system can not be disconnected from the photovoltaic array of overcurrent protection devices, will likely produce an arc; for PV panels and related equipment manufacturers require the provision of overcurrent protection, to provide protection in accordance with its requirements; for the manufacturer does not specify overcurrent protection in accordance with the requirements of the IEC62548 standard to set up overcurrent protection.
Photovoltaic fuse standard IEC 60269-6 is also proposed, the PV inverter fault return current, within the rated breaking capacity of the PV fuse, the PV fuse can also provide protection to avoid damage to the array cable and PV solar fuse  panels.

WELLELE specializes in the production of melamine tubes for PV fuse applications. We can customize melamine tubes in various thicknesses from ID6MM to ID60mm for high temperature and arc resistance and fast delivery.


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