Moisture-proof fuse tube or horn fiber fuse tubes

moisture-proof  fuse tube
moisture-proof fuse tube or horn fiber fuse tube

We supply ABB fuse tubes with fuse construction using two different types of fuse tubes: moisture-proof fuse tubes or horn fiber fuse tubes.
Moisture-proof fuse tubes are standard on all 100A designs.

moisture-proof  fuse tube
horn fiber fuse tubes

The moisture-proof tube or horn fiber fuse tube reduces liner expansion that can cause interruption problems. The moisture-proof fuse tube is a special fuse tube made of our aramid fiber polyester fiber epoxy resin. It is suitable for use in harsh environments such as cold, damp, and heat, and is reusable, reducing operator replacement costs and fuse costs and greatly improving efficiency.
The 200 A design uses a flared fiber fuse tube. This fuse tube consists of a horn fiber liner and a glass-wound housing.
Both designs of tubes are durable and can withstand the rigors of high fault current interruptions. In addition, the tubes are painted to help protect them.

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