How to Configure Your fuse-links tube

How to Configure Your fuse links tube?

The functional role of the fuse links tube is mainly used to protect the electrical system from short circuits. When the shock load of the system is very small or zero and the capacity of the electrical equipment is small or the protection requirements are not high, it is appropriate to be used as overload protection.
When the protected line or equipment short-circuit fault, the fuse of the fuse immediately fuse, cut off the short-circuit current, the protection of the line or equipment. When the protected line or equipment overload, the fuse delayed fusing, cut off the overload current, but due to various types and specifications of the fuse delay characteristics are not consistent, the equipment and line overload capacity is not the same so that the delay characteristics and overload capacity is difficult to match. Therefore, the general fuse is only used as short-circuit protection, not as overload protection. The choice of fuse (including the choice of its fuse) should consider the following conditions:

(1) should be based on the use of conditions to determine the type of fuse.
(2) the choice of fuse specifications, should first select the specifications of the fuse and then according to the fuse to choose the fuse specifications.
(3) The protection characteristics of the fuse should have a good match with the overload characteristics of the object to be protected.
(4)They are in the power distribution system. Each level fuse-links tube should match each other, generally, the rated current of the upper-level fuse should be 2 to 3 times larger than the rated current of the next level fuse.
(5) for the protection of motor fuse, should pay attention to the impact of motor starting current. The fuse is generally only used as short circuit protection for the motor, and the thermal relay should be used for overload protection.
(6) the rated current of the fuse should be no less than the rated current of the fuse; the rated breaking capacity should be greater than the maximum short-circuit current that may occur in the circuit.

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