G10 filament wound fiberglass tubes

Tianze Composites G10 tube manufactures a wide variety of tubes for OEM, military and commercial applications.

Tianze produces a Filament wound tube that is superior to the Generic G-10 tube in the following ways.

Generic G-10 tubing is wound from layers of woven fiberglass cloth which have generic fiber placements and fiberglass only as reinforcement fiber. Usually we name as fiberglass cloth tube or G10 roll tube . color :yellow or white
It size :ID10mm to 80mm ,wall thckness 1mm to 10mm . Length 2000mm .

Tianze Composites filament-wound fibeglass products utilize roving reinforcements in a specialized epoxy resin matrix which is designed for the application.

The glass fibers are placed in a pattern specifically designed for the application. This provides a tube that is more tailored to the specific application requirements. The use of filament winding instead of glass cloth significantly reduces the problem of layer delamination and improves electrical characteristics.

Filament-wound fiberglass tubes provide a very high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent electrical insulation properties and high resistance to corrosion. Special resin formulations and winding patterns have been developed to meet special applications such as:

High pressure applications such as oil circuit breaker interrupter tubes
Ultraviolet resistant formulations for outdoor use
High temperature applications for class-F applications 155C.
Special applications to 180C are available.
Filament wound fiberglass Tube Reinforcement materials

G10 filament wound fiberglass tubes Applications
G10 filament wound fiberglass tubes products are used in a variety of applications and industries. Some G-10 tube products are manufactured in larger quantities, and other times the G 10 tube requirement is for only one part or one assembly. Below is a partial list of industries served and G-10 tube product or components supplied.

Oil Circuit Breakers and Switchgear
Interrupter tubes
Lift & drive rods
Rotating tubes
Resistor cases
Air to air HV roof entrance bushing
Switchgear spouts to 38Kv
Complex shielded spouts for CT’s to 38Kv
Coil support tubes
Government/Defense & Research
Submarine antenna radome housing
Defense contract components
Helix & Variometer structures
General Industries
Paper making rollers
Corrosion resistant tubes
Slurry Tubes

According to different application o.we use electri grade fiber or S grade fiber and diferent resin .

Filament wound fiberglass tube G10 tube size:ID6mm to 1500mm ,Thickness 1mm to 40mm .

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