Vulcanized Fibre Combination Fiberglass Tube

vulcanized fiber combination tube
vulcanized fiber combination tube for fuse cutouts

Vulcanized Fibre Combination Fiberglass Tube from as Vulcanized fiber tube is a combination of insulation materials, vulcanized fiber tube core material through the epoxy wire winding, wrapped with imported glass fiber wire and imported high-grade epoxy resin shell. The winding angle is optimized and then solidified in the process of forming the epoxy alkali-free glass fiber arc extinguishing composite tube, providing arc extinguishing performance of the fused tube. The finished tube has good tensile and bursting strength.

Vulcanized fiber combination tube product is widely used in the design of high voltage drop fuse box fuse tube. It has good machinability, can be sawed, cut, bored, and wire tied. All these mechanical processing properties will not cause defects such as cracks, interlayer structure, delamination, etc. All specifications can be customized. The inner tube is available in red and gray colors. The outer layer is available in red, yellow, white, green, and gray colors. The surface of the composite tube is coated with an anti-UV coating. Tiazne makes vulcanized fiber combination tube supply ABB COOPER GE EATON etc.

vulcanized fiber combination fiberglass tube cost slightly high than Vulcanized Fiber Combinate Epoxy Canvas Tube

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What is the difference the epoxy glassfiber wound tube and epoxy glass canvas tube?


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