Electrical Ceramic Wound Epoxy Fiberglass Tube

electric Cermical_Wound_Epoxy_Fiberglass_Tube

Ceramic Wound Fiberglass Tube is used for High temp High voltage fuse-links line. Tianze developed and produced epoxy glass fiber lining ceramic composite tubing, lining with the high-quality insulating high-temperature resistant ceramic casing, impregnated with alkali-free glass fiber yarn with ultra-low viscosity imported epoxy resin at an angle of 50-60 degrees in the axial direction, It is made of cross-winding under the control of the microcomputer, which is a high-quality insulation material for making high-voltage current-limiting fuses.

Electric Ceramic wound epoxy fiberglass tube Specifications and model

φ20, φ21, φ22, φ23, φ24, φ25, φ26, φ23, φ28, φ100, φ250, etc.

Electric Ceramic wrapped epoxy fiberglass tube Description: The diameter of the winding tubing is the inner diameter. According to our company’s standard, the outer diameter and length can be customized according to the customer’s requirements and technical requirements.
The glass fiber reinforced winding mechanism and the optimized mechanical auxiliary layer design make the product have high flexural strength and excellent mechanical properties, which are suitable for areas with heavy earthquakes and harsh weather conditions.

△ The product is lined with a ceramic insulating tube with high mechanical strength, anti-aging, good thermal stability, and no deformation under high temperature.
△ The outer tube of the product is wrapped with a high-quality epoxy tube, which has good insulation performance, excellent mechanical properties, and anti-internal strength up to 80Mpa.
△ The outer tube of the product is made of high-quality epoxy resin, which has excellent acid and alkali corrosion resistance, anti-aging, low thermal expansion coefficient, and long-term use without deformation and shortening.
△ Product epoxy tube brushed with waterproof insulating varnish, the outer surface is smooth and tidy, with excellent anti-staining property and extremely slight water absorption. It can ensure long-term effective protection fuse in the environment with the damp environment and dirty environment jobs.
△ The product is green and environmentally friendly, avoiding the shortcomings of ceramic products which are easily broken during transportation assembly. The explosion-proof strength is much higher than that of traditional ceramic products, and it also avoids the devastating loss of ceramic tube once it explodes.
△ The coiled tubing of various specifications can be provided according to the customer’s design.
△ The winding tube provided by the company is based on the inner diameter. The single-walled ceramic tube is not less than 3mm, and the outer wall of the outer epoxy tube is not less than 2mm. The outer diameter and length can be processed according to customer needs.
Electric Ceramic wound epoxy fiberglass tube High temp High voltage fuse tube.