Epoxy fiberglass wind tube &canvas tube different

Epoxy fiberglass wind tube &canvas tube different
Epoxy fiberglass wind tube &epoxy canvas fuse tube

1. High-temperature resistance. Epoxy fiberglass wind tube of high-temperature resistance grade B, that is, 155 degrees Celsius, some particularly good performance, some can reach 180 degrees Celsius. Because it is used in electronic products, high-temperature resistance is a necessary condition.
Good dielectric properties. Epoxy glass fiber winding tube belongs to the insulation material, parallel layer to the breakdown voltage ≥ 40KV can be used in high power appliances, long time continuous work is not easy to be voltage breakdown. :
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Good mechanical properties. Epoxy glass fiber winding tube high strength, fatigue resistance, good toughness, bending does not deform
: 4 Strong plasticities. Epoxy fiberglass winding tube processing methods, cutting, grinding, punching, plasticity, as long as there are drawings, can be manufactured into the required style.
Environmental protection. The development of industry also accelerates the discharge of sewage and waste gas, we have to develop industry on the basis of protecting the environment. The halogen-free epoxy pipe does not contain toxic substances, cleans the environment while ensuring the health of users.
For acid, alkali, salt, oil, alcohol, and other chemical substances, also have certain adaptability, corrosive particularly strong before it will be affected

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