Electrical fuse tube manufacture use fuse tube material

electrical fuse tube manufacture use  cycloaliphatic epoxy-supported heat-treated-polyester fibre liners in expulsion type fuses such as are used in fuse cut-outs ,fuse link,fuse holder.

Materials having arc-quenching properties suitable for fuse tube applications are known to include, inter alia, reconstituted cellulosic materials (i.e., vulcanized paper fibre and boric acid ,It manufacture of fuse tubes include paper, glass cloth, or glass fibre reinforced phenolic resins and epoxy resins, including blends of phenolic resins and glycidyl polyethers or epoxides.

Tianze make arc-quenching electrical  fuse tube  as : vulcanized fiber complex epoxy fiberglass tube  , vulcanized fiber  paper  composite    fiberglass  cloth tube ,  Synthetic Arc Quenching liner Moisture-proof arc quenching fuse tube, high voltage fuse tube as  10kV-38kV dropout fuse cutout fuse holder tube 100A 200A .

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