Classification of fuses

According to the different power strength and application scenarios, fuses can be divided into electronic fuses and power fuses. Electronic fuse is generally applicable to low voltage, small power and electronic control circuits, mainly used in various electronic products, household appliances, automotive low-voltage circuits and other fields, power fuse is generally applicable to high voltage, high-power circuits, mainly used in traditional power generation, transmission and distribution, metallurgy, mining, electrochemical, communications, new energy scenery power generation and energy storage, new energy vehicles, rail transportation, ships and other industrial fields.

In addition, as the new energy vehicle high-voltage trend emerges, the requirements for current protection gradually increased, can actively cut off the current and shorter response time to stimulate the penetration of the fuse slowly increased, and now has been in some models supporting; and Tesla in 2020 began to develop pyrofuse (intelligent fuse), Pyrofuse realized from the passive fuse protection, into an active BMS protection, the response speed is expected to be reduced to 1-3ms, and has gradually begun to apply.

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