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Bone fiber tube / Syntheti fiber Arc Quenching Fuse Tube/ Epoxy fiberglass tube/GPO3 tube/G5 G9 tube etcs .Its use on low/medium voltage/high voltageand high temperature fuse link fuse cutout switchgear or insulation environments .Environmental control and 100% Custom Fabrication.Fast Delivery from Tianze Electric Co,.ltd.. 24 hours on line +86 15950042209

Synthetic Arc Quenching Fuse Tube

Replacement of the traditional C-type fuse tube lined with bone fiber. The core of this “Arc Quenching Fuse Tube” is made of proprietary formula consists of polyester fiber, epoxy and Aluminum Tri Hydrate (ATH).

The Arc extinction of C-Type Bone-Fiber Fuse Tube
The presence of an Arc caused by the melting of a fuse link erodes the core of an expulsion fuse. The carbon fragments reacts with water in the arc extinguishing material formed carbon monoxide, hydrogen and other gases. These gases increased pressure within the fuse tube and expel the debris from the fuse tube. With each removal of the arcing debris, the dielectric strength inside the fuse tube is re-established but weaken, enabling it to extinguish the arc next time around. This repetitive Arc extinguishing erode and shorten the life span of the bone-fiber.

The Arc Extinction of Synthetic Arc Quenching Fuse Tube
Aluminum Tri Hydrate (ATH) filler is used as the water source in the synthetic arc quenching core. The amount of filler is controlled to provide just the right amount of water for efficient interruption and extinction of Arc. The epoxy matrix used in the synthetic core has a high resistance to moisture absorption from humidity. The moisture content, and therefore the interrupting ability of this system is not affected by ambient humidity,

During the interruption of an arc, polymer fragments are eroded from the core, which fed into the plasma of the arc and converted into arc extinguishing gases by reaction with water. The erosion of the core is just sufficient to interrupt the arc. Any erosion in excess of this amount is wasteful and generates unneeded gases and results in increased expulsion forces.

The epoxy chemistry is controlled to generate the optimum size and quantity of polymer fragments for efficient interruption at both low and high currents, thus more efficient in Arc extinction and deliver longer product life span. The amount of filler is controlled to provide just the right amount of water for efficient interruption


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