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Bone fiber tube / Syntheti fiber Arc Quenching Fuse Tube/ Epoxy fiberglass tube/GPO3 tube/G5 G9 tube etcs .Its use on low/medium voltage/high voltageand high temperature fuse link fuse cutout switchgear or insulation environments .Environmental control and 100% Custom Fabrication.Fast Delivery from Tianze Electric Co,.ltd.. 24 hours on line +86 15950042209


PTFE  extrusion sintering

voltage:150V  300V   600V
Products with high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance,
Resistance to high pressure, stable performance and wall thin, etc.
Use: this product is widely used in electronic transformer, machinery, aerospace industry
Automotive, medical, protection and communication equipment instrument internal connections
Insulation processing.


Specification Requirement

※  Physical


Tensile Strength




Longitudinal Shrinking Ratio


※   Electrical


Volume Resistivity

10 15Ω.CM(min)

 (UL Rating)

150V  300V  600V



※   Chemical


Oil Resistance

Good to Excellent

Copper Corrosion

NO corrosion


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VULCANIZED FIBER TUBE Synthetic fiber TUBE  G9 G5 melamine tube VULCANIZED FIBER fiberglass tube epoxy fiberglass tube high temp epoxy fiberglass tube

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